The People Behind Miamoon

Maris Fine

Lead Designer

The artist that makes it all happen. Maris has been designing exquisite works of art for over 25 years. Miamoon is his latest line of Jewellery and his passion.

Welcome to Miamoon

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No other gift reflects quality and eternal beauty as does a piece of unique handcrafted jewelry. Fine jewelry is considered by many to be an heirloom and families treasure such pieces for their emotional and sentimental value.

Quality materials and meticulous work have created pieces of jewelry handed down for generations. Good design principles and superior materials ensure that the beauty and value of the piece will survive the changing moods of society and the passage of time. Attention to detail and quality during every step of production guarantees that you receive a piece of fine jewelry that rivals product available on the international market.

Our jewelry is handcrafted, from the filing and sculpting of the metal to the polishing of the finished piece. The tempering of the metal ensures your purchase will stand the test of time while losing none of its beauty.

We offer high value at a fair price and all our work is guaranteed. Our gift to you is value and pleasure for generations to come.